I am a Solutions Applications Architect focusing on Web Applications with deep knowledge across multiple technical and business domains.


With over 15 years of experience managing large and medium scale IT projects in both government and private industry sectors. My expertise and credibility built over the years are well suited to advise organisations to create scalable solutions that address business and strategic direction complexities. These solutions are designed to achieve sustainable change management strategies to achieve long term goals.

Project Delivery

By liaising with diverse decision makers and stakeholders I build strong relationships with key stakeholders to develop trust and credibility. Combined with a keen focus on optimizing project delivery within tight budgets providing ongoing improvements to business operating costs and long term client satisfaction.

Through this collaborative and consultative leadership approach, open communication and the provision of timely and professional advice I deliver solutions that address business strategic directions and achieve long term goals.

Solutions Architecture

The combination of strong project management, operational business knowledge and decades of technical experience combine to produce projects that delivery measurable results small business and multinational enterprise environments.

With the prudent selection, and application, of COTS and bespoke development I have delivered web, API and desktop services that have resulted in significant on going improvements to business operations and achieving strategic goals.

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