About Kayos Design

Working with Australian businesses and charities to provide successful solutions
 to enhance their online business presence

Our Story

Kayos Design started in 2002 with the goal of assisting Australian businesses to develop their online presence utilizing the best combination of available tools to reach their goal

Our Experience

Working with a range of businesses, from micro single person entities, to large scale multi-nationals and government bodies has provided a breadth of experience that allows Kayos Design to advise organizations on the creation of sustainable, scalable solutions that address business complexities.
We have provided successful business solutions in highly complex critical environments. These solutions delivered measurable results that have improved both ongoing economic benefits through improved customer satisfaction and reduced repetitive workflow processes.

Our Clients

Personalized Service

We have built our company around our customers. Our large client base has provided experience in across a diverse range of industries, including:
  • Charitable foundations,
  • eCommerce,
  • Legal services,
  • Logistics,
  • Mining and other heavy industries,
  • Personal and professional training, and
  • Retail
Through this experience we have developed  systems that allow us to provide solutions catered to your individual needs.
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